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Fishing Report


I had Wes and Mark out on Melones today. We started late about 7:30 and finished by 11:30 with 15 kokanee in the box and lost another 15 also. All fish were caught using Sep's watermelon dodgers and Sep's Strike Master dodgers with pink RMT hoochies in tow. All fish came from 52-65 OTW. It was a great morning on the water!! Call today to get in on the action!! (209)817-4600.

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I had a quick day at Berryessa with regulars Craig and Morgan. We were on the water by 6:00 and fishing shortly there after. The first few hours were tough picking up about a fish an hour plus a few drive-bys. We had 4 in the box about 10:00 and then went it went crazy for a hour and a have putting 11 more fish in the box and even lost 3 or 4 more. We did keep some smaller bleeding rainbows but the bulk of the fish were hard fighting big fat kokanee to 17.5 inches. We threw the kitchen sink at them early but they finally started hitting pink hoochies behind a Sep's 4/0 pink dodger, a purple Apex behind a 7 inch Mag Tackle dodger. We caught a couple on a pink Wedding Ring trolled behind a set of Sep's micro flashers also. We finished up by 11:45 and headed back home. 

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Michael got his Lake Berryessa limit!! It was a tough bite but we managed to get a couple limits and lost another nice fish. We caught all the fish using Sep's dodgers pulling spinners and hoochies. The hot color was chartreuse and green today. Most fish were caught from 38-48 feet down.

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I had the pleasure of fishing with Mark and his son Jack. They caught 14 stripers with 7 of the being keepers. We had lots of worm stealers today also. Jack caught the biggest at 12 pounds and almost lost it to a sea lion but we prevailed and won that battle also!!! Jack wont forget that fight anytime soon!! What a beautiful day on the water!!

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I had Taj, Dave, Mike, and James out today for stripers. We battled lots of wind and waves today. Some waves coming over the bow as we trolled. Some of the prime areas were not fishable due to the high winds but we managed to get limits with a much better grade of fish to 11 pounds. All fish were caught trolling shallow running Savage Gear Manic Prey lures and also Yozuris. Here are some pics from the day.

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I had Marc, Doug, and Jim out on Thursday. Full moon and big tides slowed the fishing again. We ended with 4 decent keepers and may shakers trolling deep and also drifting minnows. Here are a couple pic from our day.

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I had Brian and his son Charlie out for stripers Wednesday. The day started good with Charlie getting a nice 10lb female that was released to go spawn. After that, the day was filled with shakers. The full moon and bigger tides made for tough fishing. Here is Charlie with his fish.

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Didn't take many pictures today but we did ok at New Melones. We had about 20 bites and Michael's little girl managed to boat a few fish. They took home 3 kokanee and 2 bleeder rainbow trout. We also released 2 nice rainbows boat side that  went about 2 and 4 pounds. If was definitely a scratch bite at best!! I think the water has dropped at least 5-7 feet from 2 weeks ago when we were there and absolutely killed them!! All in all, it was a pretty good day on the water!! This picture was of one of the bleeder rainbows we kept. Until next time, keep those lines tight!!!!

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Well, what can I say but Hogan kick our butts today!!! We marked fish every where but every single one of the had lockjaw!! We threw everything at them and they won the battle but now it's war!! Today was the first skunk on the boat this year and hopefully the last!! Back at it tomorrow up at New Melones. Rachel was a trooper and had a great day on the water!!

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I was out on New Melones today with a couple of my usual suspects, Morgan and Craig. We had lines down at 6am and had a double at 6:05 before we had all the rods in the water. We had 14 kokanee in the box by 9am and the final devil fish took another hour to get. The fish hit just about anything we put in front of them today. Green spinners, purple hoochies, chartreuse spinners, pink hoochies, and orange spinners behind Sep's dodgers. We fished by the 49er bridge anywhere from 70 - 115 feet down. I have to thank Morgan as he brought the camp stove and made a great scramble with eggs, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and more. The other boats in the area were smelling the goodness while we were eating it!!! We have about a month or so left for the great kokanee action so call to get in on the action!!!  209-817-4600 or 209-366-0662.   Photo on the Photo Gallery page.



I had Charlie and Dave out on Berryessa Friday. We started fishing in the main lake this morning and quickly got rewarded with a beautiful rainbow trout which we released back to fight another day. We picked up a smaller 15 inch kokanee within a minute of the trout. Then it went dead for a couple hours.... We decided to make a move to the ball park and we had plenty of bites to go around. Dave was on the rods today as he landed a 5 lb 3oz king salmon from 125' down on a Sep's dogger followed by a RMT Purple Passion Hoochie.. We got into a better grade of fish out there today!!! Call to get in on the action. 209-817-4600.  Photo on the Photo Gallery page.



I had David, Tina, and Brian out on New Melones for a day of CATCHING!!! They won the trip last Dec. at the California Waterfowl Dinner. They were new to kokanee fishing but did a great job. We started out fishing Rose Island and the main lake for 5 or 6 smaller fish in the first hour or so. The light switch turned off for the next hour and I decided it was time to move. We pulled up and went over by the 49er bridge where we picked away at them for the first hour. Then it was game on as it seemed there was always a rod in their hands fighting a fish. We ended the day with 20 fish in the box and farmed at least 10 other fish. The move provided a much better grade of fish as the were in the 14-14.5 inch range. Pink hoochie behind Sep's pink doger was good early but Sep's green dodger follow by a green spinner dominated after the move. Garlic corn was good early and Anise krill was best later. Call to get in on the kokanee action as it wont last forever!! 209-817-4600. Photos Gallery page.


I had Larry & Travis out at Melones Thursaday. Travis's side of the boat had most of the bites but today was his first day of kokanee fishing. He went 0 for his first 7 take downs but managed to boat a few fish by the time we called it a day. The guys took home 6 nice kokanee for their efforts. We got all our bites off of Rose Island and in the main lake anywhere from 60 - 100 feet down. The hot lures were pink spinner hoochies behind the Sep's pink tire track dodger and an Uncle Larry's Mad Irishman spinner behind the Sep's green tire track dodger. I will be back up there tomorrow morning. Call to book your day!! 209-817-4600. Photo on the Photo Gallery page.


I had a great time with Ben and his sons Jake and Josh today at Lake Berryessa. It wasnt a banner day but it wasnt a bad day... We ended the day with them taking 5 quaulity fish home and Jake catching the biggest fish of the day. He caught an 18 inch, 2lb 14oz kokanee that put up a great fight. It was the first fish of the day and was caught on a homemade chartruese hoochie behind a Sep's dodger. The hot lure was an Uncle Larry's Mad Irishman behind the Sep's green tire track dodger. Call to get in on the action. 209-817-4600. Photo on the Photo Gallery page



We had a tough day at Berryessa!! We ended the day about noon so Mike and Morgan could get back to town for their Fathers Day festivities. We ended up with only 5 fish in the box today. We threw everything at them including the kitchen sink this time. They just wouldn't cooperate with us today. Here is a pic with the 2 nicest kokanee going 17 & 17.5 inches and putting up a great fight!! We will be back at it soon to make up for today!!  Photo on the Photo Gallery page



I had Troy Scheideman and his dad Wayne out for some Berryessa kokanee today. It was another tough bite today but we managed to put 9 fish in the box for them. Wayne had the big fish honors today with a 19.5 inch rainbow trout and a 16 inch kokanee. We talked with a few people out there that only got 1 or 2 fish today. I will be back out tomorrow morning to do it all again. Here are a few pictures from the day.   Photos on the Photo Gallery page.


I had Mike and Kristy out with me Sunday at Berryessa. I have known them from talking on the water but it was the first time we actually met face to face. They came out to pick up some different ways to get into the kokanee. We hit the main lake and we were hit hard with constant high winds and white caps. We caught 11 fish on the day releasing all the rainbows safely back and keeping the kokanee. Mike got the biggest kokanee at 17.5 inches on a Sep's pink tire track dodger followed by a pink wedding ring. Just about every other fish came on orange spinners or orange hoochies. The wind was pushing us so fast at times that I had to use the Minn Kota as a "reverse gear" to slow us down. Here are some pictures from our outing. Photos on the Photo Gallery page.



I fished the Feather and Yuba Rivers with Maury for shad. We were throwing crappie jigs on 7&8wt fly rods. There was plenty of action for both of us as the shad were biting pretty steady most of the day. We caught them from 1 up to about 4 pounds. Here are a few pics of the action. Photos on the Photo Gallery page.



I was at Lake Berryessa Saturday, 05/25/13 with Randy and his son-in-law Araham fishing for kokanee. It wasn't a banner day at all with another storm coming in. We ended the day with 17 hook ups and managed to get 9 in the box. One of the kokanee went 17.5 inches and was fat!! We caught kokanee, kings, and rainbow trout. We threw everything at them as there was no hot color till the end of the day where an orange Sep's dodger followed by a orange spinner hoochie.  We will be back at it at New Melones for the next trip. Call to get in on the action. 


Another great day on the water!!! We were at New Melones today with Max, Carley, and Manuel kokanee fishing. I lost count at 27 hook-ups on the day but luck was on the side of those kokanee today as we only landed 11 fish. They were biting on just about anything we put out behind Sep's dodgers. The hot dodger again today was the watermelon Strike Master followed by a green spinner, until we lost it.  I always have at least 3 of everything but not today. New ones will be here in a couple days. We fished Rose Island and south of it. We went over to the dam and got 2 fish but that was it. Back to Rose and the bite was back on. We had a couple doubles and one triple but never landed them all..... Just one here and there. Carley did the best boating her 5 fish and only missing 2. He dad and husband didn't do quite as well.... Sorry but no pictures today as I forgot my camera in the truck..... The fish are biting so call to get your day booked!! 209-817-4600.



I fished Berryessa today with Mike, Jim, and Jacob. It was a tough bite with the low pressure system that just passed through. Pictured is Jacob with the 5 best fish of the day. All the kokanee were 16+ inches and the rainbow went just a bit over 3 pounds. Today the fish were caught on Sep's pink tire track dodger and a white wiggle hoochie tipped with pink Gulp maggets and also a Sep's watermelon Strike Master dodger with a green spinner hoochie tipped with herring flavored shoe peg corn. I will be out at New Melones tomorrow so watch out for another report.

Call to get in on the action!!   209-366-0662 or my cell at 209-817-4600  

04/21/13 -

I hit New Melones this morning with Marc and Morgan for the first kokanee trip of the year. We caught our 15 fish within 3 hours. They came on anything in orange, white, chartreuse, or blue. We pulled Sep's watermelon and chartreuse dodgers and watermelon Strike Masters with a combo of hoochies, spinners, and Kokanee Kandy lures. Everything was caught between 42-60 feet down. We did the best at the entrance to the dam. We also caught and released a beautiful 19 inch rainbow trout. Here is a picture of Marc and Morgan with 10 of the 15 kokanee.



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